Spitballin' with Sal & Reggie (general)
Comedians Sal Calanni and Reggie Steele Spitballin' on a podcast

The Demorcratic Ticket, POORdain in New England, USA Basketball snubbing Jaylen Brown and the dragons are fighting in House of the Dragon.

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We cover that Presidential Debate, Bronny James, POORdain hits the Crawdad Festival and doing Casino Shows.

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We discuss our Rushmore of Rap, the NBA Finals, Reggie remembers his friend and teammate Brad Millard and POORdain visits Shakey's all you can eat buffet in East Hollywood.

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Ren & Stimpy, 34 Convictions, OKC, POORdain in the Denver airport, NBA Finals

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NC-17 Episode We discuss first being introduced to pornography by classic films like Deep Throat and Behind the Green Door and John Holmes. Then the latest on Jack White, Joe Rogan, Terrance Howard, Tucker Carlson, Kid Rock, Bronny James.

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We cover NBA Playoffs, a Prom Date, Anthony POORdain does Buffalo, Sal's Pizza Log joke bombing, and that Tom Brady roast.

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We talk about the new t.v. show Baby Reindeer, the final episode of Beef, a Trumper messes with Sal's camera during his set, and Anthony POORdain does Jersey.

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This episode we cover the 30 Unhealthiest Snacks according to Eat This, Not That! and Sal photographs the Hawks of Little Armenia.

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Are viral videos killing comedy? Inspirational Reggie returns and Anthony POORdain visits Randy's Donuts. And that time Sal met Russell Simmons & Reggie audtioned for DefJam.

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Getting Old, Sal does Road Food in Ohio & Kentucky, and we touch on the Diddy drama

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We cover the upcoming Mike Tyson vs. Jake Paul (though we mistakenly call him Logan) the current state of America, and Sal's Road Food in Raleigh.

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Anwar McQueen joins us, we talk about him becoming a McDonald's All-American in high school, playing in the NCAA Tournament in college with Jason Kidd and Tony Gonzalez at UC Berkeley, trying out for the Portland Trailblazers, and his foundation TEAM Inc. (Tech Exposure and Access Through Mentoring) weareteaminc.org

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We talk film with The Color Purple and This Boy's Life then the Super Bowl and Bay Area Fans, the parade shooting, and a creepy episode of Good Times with Louis Gossett Jr.

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We cover Monique on Club Shay Shay, that time Reggie opened for Monique, and the Rock returns to wrestling and slaps Cody Rhodes.

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We talk about tigers, facial hair and we have die hard Niners fan Von Scranton on to talk about the upcoming Chiefs-49ers Super Bowl, plus Reggie White, Bob Marley and Peter Tosh.

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Spitballin' 117 is out! Reggie gets a gun permit in CA and we cover those Vince McMahon allegations.

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We cover our Katt Williams hate comments and respond, Sal begins physical therapy, and the NFL Playoffs begin and the Browns are already out.

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Happy New Year, we cover Katt Williams, Dave Chappelle, and the tv show Squid Games The Challenge.

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Sal introduces a non-dairy holiday drink, trolls his cousin, we cover our Spotify Wrapped, and favorite acting scenes.

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We talk about Mike McDaniels shoes, The Simpsons, Sal in Massachusetts, and ghosts and the meaning of life.

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Foodie episode as we discuss Thanksgiving and all the cuisine Sal had traveling the country in November from Detroit, Indianapolis, Kenosha, and Philadelphia

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Our conversation with Ali Peek continues, he shares how he retained his college scholarship, getting drafted by the PBA, his sucessful basketball career, broadcasting, and the attempt on his life.

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PBA Basketball Champion Ali Peek joins us for a two part episode. He shares his story of growing up in SoCal, falling in love with basketball, and the college recruitment process.

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Hat Storage, Matthew Perry, Bonehead Browns, and Alabama

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Sal goes to the Hot Springs, shares the time he met Frankie Muniz, and we discuss All These TV Shows as Reggie rewatches Game of Thrones.


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We cover last episode's Feedback, Kansas City, Taylor Swift, Jesus Freak, Israel Palestine, Traffic Laws

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We discuss Fashion, Trumpers in Texas, and the Hasan Minhaj New Yorker article.

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Our guest is Dr. Kathleen Antonia Tarr, a lawyer, doctor, teacher, actress, athlete; we discuss Climate Change, A.I., Capitalism, Education, and Track & Field.

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We cover Credit Cards, Tik Tok Trumpers, Mashups, Fantasy Football, and the return of Inspirational Reggie.

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We share near death experiences, Sal performs in Vegas, we break down a bit, and those mugshots.

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The boys talk air travel, TSA PreCheck, eating steak, Sal goes to Springfield, MO, and that brawl in Alabama.

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Reggie talks about dealing with contractors, the evolution of phones, and Sal's shows in New Mexico with green chili cheeseburgers and a shooting during his set.

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We talk Goodfellas, ESPY’s, Carlee Russell, Winn-Dixie Hate Comments, Jason Aldean, and Indiana Jones

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Our 100th episode! We cover Joe Rogan's take on Target and the LGBTQ community, the 4th of July and missing fingers, an upside down rollercoaster, and the Jean-Michel Basquiat King Pleasure exhibit.

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Submersibles, Superman, Sal's Hernia Update, Extinctions, and Vegan Grilled Cheese.

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We talk Doctor visits, that unbelievable Amazon forest rescue, and all the Jaws movies.

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The boys discuss Star War fatigue, Ted Lasso, Sal gets a hernia, and Haitian vigilantes.

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Reggie remembers his friend A.J. Rollins, we remember Jim Brown, Sal has a baggage mix up and shares his adventures in Appleton, Wisconsin.

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George Kuiper drops the N-word on the air, a near Hollywood Bowl brawl, and Sal maturely talks about the haters from his recent viral Star Wars bit.

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Part 2 with Chris Voth, he shares how he started in stand up, his film Camino Unreal, working and golfing with Ron White, and being a teacher.

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Chris Voth joins us for a two part episode, he's a comedian, filmmaker, teacher, doctor, Vikings fan, high school girls basketball coach, and one time Jungle Cruise captain at Disneyland.

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The NBA Playoff bracket is set, Sal goes to SF, scary city raccoons, Reggie doesn't know Sideshow Bob, and Titus.

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Sal goes to Wrestlemania and we cover the Women's NCAA National Championship.

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Comedian Ester Steinberg joins us, we cover Jewish NBA Players, Kids, Parents, her comedy special Burning Bush now on Amazon, and Nose Jobs.

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We cover March Madness and Reggie's Alma Mater St. Mary's getting knocked out. Also we cover kids, Trump arrest, that new Chris Rock special and hanging in the projects.

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Jon Stewart, NBA Trash Talk with Dillon Brooks and Draymond Green, Tiger Woods, the Oscars.

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We cover disrespect, Sal performs in Sacramento and deals with a drunk heckler, and the comments flood in on Dilbert & Gen Z

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The Dilbert guy's racist rant, we go through some fans comments on our posts, and then we talk Mississippi.

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After a show in Carson City, Nevada, Sal interviews Bruce who shares his story about overcoming meth addiction and living in his van. Recorded in May 2019.

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That Super Bowl, all those George Santos lies, under attack by balloons, and a Flash trailer sets off a bad Super Heroes discussion.

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Part 2 of our interview with author Ayize Jama-Everett, we discuss publishing his first novel The Liminal People, taking psychedelics, and losing a mutual friend to suicide. Check him out at City Lights Bookstore in San Francisco Feb. 16th. 

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An episode so good it's two parts. Author Ayize Jama-Everett joins us, we discuss his upcoming documentary about psychedelics, "A Table of Our Own." We delve into Jimi Hendrix, Kajukenbo, and Ayize's older step brother Tupac Shakur. 

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This week, our doppelgangers, inspirational Reggie, and dealing with a mechanic.

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We're back, Browns fan Sal trashes Browns fans, we cover the invasion of privacy, and our New Year's

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Our Spotify Wrap, Controversial Rap, World Cup, and Christmas mornings

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Elon Musk, Greg Giraldo, how to deal with Scam Calls, Brittney Griner, and White Lotus.

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King Hassan joins us, we cover Nigerian block parties, stand up, script writing, and being a tv writer for Tim Allen's show Last Man Standing.

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We talk about the spectacle that is Black Friday, argue over Thanksgiving food, talk funerals and World Cup.

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Tom Rhodes joins us, comedian and world traveler, we cover DC, FL, NY, Comedy Central, Vietnam, Mr. Rhodes, Netherlands, and performing stand up internationally. 

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Sandwiches and the best bread, Archery, Inauguration, SNL, and Front Row at an NBA game.

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The first time Chris Riggins did stand up he opened for Dave Chappelle. We cover comedy, writing, and his recent win in the San Francisco Comedy Competition.

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The NBA is back, photo thief Richard Prince, Kanye's Nazis, Wine and Pumpkins.

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We are talking Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Dahmer (Graphic Warning), and House of the Dragon.

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Reggie joins us from Alabama and has house issues, we talk Brett Favre, 1970's Super Heroes, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and friends who have passed recently including comedian Aundre the Wonderwoman.

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Great episode with the great John Henton. We cover growing up in Cleveland, John getting on Johnny Carson, Living Single, The Hughleys, the drugs, the car accident, and the redemption with the help of his daughter and Steve Harvey.

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We explore a Rapey Rocky scene from the original film, we talk unions, and the murder of PnB Rock.

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We cover the heat, old friends and racism, Reggie watches Bill Burr work, and NFL Football is back!

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Our grocery shopping experiences, Nathan Fielder's The Rehearsal, Serena Williams, Donovan Mitchell, and we discuss House of Dragon ep.2


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Sal's trip to Venezuela, Reggie finds cocaine, latest in the NBA, House of the Dragon, Lightyear, cats, and Covid exposure.


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Reggie gets his house stolen, Sal hits a bicyclist with a car, and Brittney Griner vs. the Bunker Boys.

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Comedian Wendy Liebman joins us, we talk about a bee, vaccines, starting out in Boston, her new book, performing on Carson, and some Disney trivia.

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The latest Star Wars show Andor, plus we talk about losing a parent, Bill Russell, 2020 Gold Medalist Lloyd Pierce, and we have fun with our hate comments.

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Charlene Modeste joins us to discuss the benefits of extracted cannabis oil and how it's helped her living with uterin fibroids.

Direct download: Spitballin_63_Charlene_Modeste.mp3
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We talk comedy, jail, prison, a prison game show, and puppies. 

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We cover the Supreme Court overturning abortion, even in cases of rape, and then pivot to the conclusion of the Obi-Wan series.

Direct download: Spitballin_61.mp3
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We cover the new Stranger Things and upcoming Vol. 2, plus Seth Rogen's book Yearbook, and a Reggie audition story.

Direct download: Spitballin_60.mp3
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Quidditch the actual sport, NBA Finals, and Obi-Wan Kenobi

Direct download: Spitballin_59.mp3
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The Texas shooting, Kids, Star Wars, and Sal sees Beethoven's 9th Symphony live.

Direct download: Spitballin_58.mp3
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Health, Little League, the latest crime Sextortion, the Buffalo shooting, NBA Playoffs
Direct download: Spitballin_57.mp3
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Guns, another mass shooting, Abortion, Sushi and NBA Playoffs.

Direct download: Spitballin_56.mp3
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Sal uses a compost toilet for the first time, Reggie covers the rise in Oakland crime, we discuss the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard trial, James Woods, and that Spider-Man movie No Way Home.

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We cover unnecessary social media content, Molly Shannon's new book Hello Molly, and Yelp.

Direct download: Spitballin_54.mp3
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We cover the NBA Play-In Tournament, contracts, censorship, and the latest Marvel shows.

Direct download: Spitballin_53.mp3
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We cover Supreme Court Justice Kentaji Brown Jackson, dummy Marjorie Taylor Greene, we rank Tarantino films, and review some underground rappers.

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We finally discuss Will Smith's Oscar slap, SF shows, the Lakers, and April Fool's Day.

Direct download: Spitballin_51.mp3
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This week we cover internet trolls, Oscar predictions before the slap, acting in commercials, and The Batman film.

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Spitballin' 49 is out, we cover Artemus Ward, Free Britney Griner, the NFL action including Baker Mayfield and Deshaun Watson and seeing Mitch Hedberg Live. Plus Reggie getting paddled!

Direct download: Spitballin_49_1.mp3
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Author and comedian OJ Patterson joins us. We discuss his popular blog Courting Comedy and his new history book he co-wrote with Nina G, Bay Area Stand Up Comedy in which Sal has a small mention.

Direct download: Spitballin_48.mp3
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Sal and Reggie share their very different high school experiences, we also cover bullies, water bottles, and sex tapes.

Direct download: Spitballin_47.mp3
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Comedian Kellen Erskine joins us, we talk about starting out in comedy, being an introvert, and his writing process.

Direct download: Spitballin_46.mp3
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Sal and Reggie discuss racial impersonations, the Final Winter Olympics Report, and Celebrity Meal Deals.

Direct download: Spitballin_45a.mp3
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We cover Super Bowl LVI, the commericals, that Halftime Show, the Olympics, and that Harden trade.

Direct download: Spitballin_44.mp3
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Sal & Reggie share a case of mask-taken identity, we cover the Winter Olympics, trans athlete Lia Thomas, and our Super Bowl predictions.

Direct download: Spitballin_43.mp3
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This week Sal and Reggie talk about one of their favorite comedians, Redd Foxx. We talk Harlem Nights, Sanford and Son, Sal going to San Francisco, Mistaken Identity and Reggie finding money.

Direct download: Spitballin_42.mp3
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Comedian Suli McCullough joins us and shares his experiences with Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, Jamie Foxx, the Wayan Bros., writing on the Tonight Show, his documentary Dying Laughing, and his friend Garry Shandling.

Direct download: Spitballin_41.mp3
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Comedian Sammy Obeid joins us, we talk about him becoming a Speech and Debate 2x National Champ, his 1,000 days of comedy, doing Conan, and his free stand up special on Youtube, Orjanic.

Direct download: Spitballin_40.mp3
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Sal catches Covid, Reggie works with a positive case, Sal gets too close to wild buffalo and gators, and Reggie brings up Antonio Brown, so Sal talks Cleveland Browns.


Direct download: Spitballin_39.mp3
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This episode was recorded a couple years ago when Sal went ice fishing with some locals in Alberta, Canada. We talk about working in the oil fields, hunting, ice fishing, and gun laws in the U.S. and Canada.

Direct download: Ice_Fishing_in_Canada_1.mp3
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This week Reggie talks about his J&J shot, his colon screen and Sal brings up the 2016 Cleveland Cavaliers.

Direct download: Spitballin_37.mp3
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Sal and Reggie have a new intro song, they cover the easily manipulated, the documentary Deliver Us From Evil, marketing, and nutrition.

Direct download: Spitballin_36.mp3
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