Spitballin' with Sal & Reggie
Comedians Sal Calanni and Reggie Steele Spitballin' on a podcast
ep.30 w/ Doug Benson (early Doug, prop.19, Marijuana-logues, angry Canadians) 7/29/10

Sal & Angelo Podcast turns 30, and to celebrate our guest is the hilarious Doug Benson.  Doug discusses his early career, his first real encounter with weed, prop. 19, the origin of the Marijuana-logues, and he answers your questions.

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ep.29 (Shattered Competition, Boozing Father, Gay Video Shoot)7/22/10

the boys discuss Sal getting shattered at a comedy competition, Angelo's boozing father is on the move again, Sal gets a bunch of comics to do some really gay stuff on camera, and the two argue about asking dumb questions.

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ep.28 (LBJ, Mel Mel Mel, Trader Joe's potty, Star Wars Party) 7/15/10

this week Sal and Angelo discuss Sal's broken heart from LBJ, the crazy Mel Gibson rants, Angelo see a woman take a dump in front of Trader Joe's, Angelo almost gets into a fight at a SOFTBALL game, and the geekiest 40 year old birthday party ever!

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ep.27(Kentucky, $6 toll, Suicide, Ali Mafi, Percentages, LBJ)7/8/10

the paisans return, after being out of town and both falling ill.  Sal discusses his trip to Kentucky, a gas tank bong, Angelo and Sal argue the new rules for the Bay Bridge tolls, Suicide of course, Ali Mafi drops in for a few minutes, Sal and Angelo attempt percentages, and of course Lebron James Eve.

enjoy, email us your thoughts, salcalanni@gmail.com

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