Spitballin' with Sal & Reggie
Comedians Sal Calanni and Reggie Steele Spitballin' on a podcast
ep.104 the Roommate Discussion

Sal's roommate Corey joins the podcast in a unique format, where it comes up that Sal talks too much smack during Madden games on the Playstation and Corey is annoyed.  they decide to talk it out, while a very good football game is going on, also Sal tells road stories from dreaded Chico.

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ep.103 w/ Joe Bartnick and Kirk Pappas

Joe Bartnick returns to the podcast and brings his number one comrade, Kirk Pappas.  Joe goes over recording his new CD, the gang remembers an old road story they experienced where a headliner walks offstage in Santa Cruz, Joe writing for the ESPYs, meeting the Manning family and Aaron Rodgers, and discussing sports tales, like having sex in front of Howie Long.

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ep.102 the Philly/Ohio Tour

in this episode Sal tells the tales from his Philadelphia, Ohio tour.  Getting heckled in Philly, getting burned by a cigarette in Philly, working with Conrad Roth and Bret Ernst, eating cheesesteaks, running Rocky steps, then off to Ohio where he visits the awesome amusement park Cedar Point, does a gig at a bar in a beach town, then works a club in Toledo and is given free lube.  all with bonus clips included!!!

song "The Groove Drove me Crazy" by Galactic Moustache

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ep.101 w/Chris Voth (LCS, Teacher, Golf)

this week i am joined by the hilarious Chris Voth.  Three times on Last Comic Standing, Chris has lived in S.F. and now resides in Colorado where he still spits jokes and is also a high school English teacher.  we discuss his LCS experiences, his fears of teaching in front of high schoolers and being called a racist by a student, and his great golf game.

song "Cargo Cult" by George Glass

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