Spitballin' with Sal & Reggie
Comedians Sal Calanni and Reggie Steele Spitballin' on a podcast
ep.115 w/ Damian (Bane, Rocky, Parties, Boxing)

Sal sits down with an old friend he's known since high school.  They discuss Bane and Batman, their love for the Rocky films, old times with girls, parties, fights and when they were boxers.

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ep.114 (guns, lasik, game of thrones)

Sal reacts to the latest shooting, moves on to lighter material as he talks about getting his eyes lasered, then discusses all this hub bub about Game of Thrones

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ep.113 Relationship advice w/ Bret Ernst

This week Sal sits down with comedian Bret Ernst and asks for some relationship advice.  All things are covered, from learning when not to snap, insecurity, making a girl into a wife, cheating, and we end with some great football stories.

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ep.112 w/ Kevin Camia

Sal sits down with great San Francisco comedian Kevin Camia, they discuss his beginnings in stand up, going to banjo camp, the two cardinal sins when recording an album, the 49ers, and Kevin makes an exclusive announcement on the podcast.


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ep.111 (1yr old party, Moose Lodge, slurs)

Sal gets his voice back and returns with the podcast.  He discusses attending a 1 year old's birthday party, then doing a show at a conservative Moose Lodge, and then ends with a discussion of racial slurs and Italians losing WOP.

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ep.110 w/ Sammy Obeid

Sal sits down with Sammy Obeid, they discuss graduating from Berkeley, how he got into stand up, The Streak, and performing on America's Got Talent.

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ep.109 Sal the Racist

here it is, Sal does a show over the weekend, and some overly PC liberals get offended, the term racist and homophobe are thrown around, and a fight feels like it should break out after the Professor walks on to the stage and challenges the Comedian.  enjoy!

pic by jason mitchell

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ep.108 (Highway to Heaven, Debate, Hipsters)

this week Sal discusses crying over an episode of Highway to Heaven, the second Presidential debate, Romney vs. Obama, and the annoyance with hipsters.

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ep.107 On the Road, through the night

Sal travels to Oregon for two gigs then drives through the night to make a commercial shoot and boy is the punch drunkiness thick.  He discusses 90's one hit wonders, his adventures in Oregon, the crazy religious channel, and falling off a treadmill.

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ep.106 (GreenDay, Potclub, Shitfits, Fwomp)

in this jam packed episode, Sal makes up for missing last week with his views on the Bille Joe of Green Day outburst, his first show at a cannabis club where the audience was made up of stoners and reptiles, his tales from the road in Sunnyvale where he learns about Shitfits, and he tells the tale of Fwomp.

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ep.105 (Seattle,NFL, Hipster Heaven)

in this episdoe, Sal discusses his trip to Seattle where he had two films premiere at the Bumbershoot Festival, where he discovered a Syrian rapper, a one legged man with a three legged dog, some thoughts on the kickoff of the NFL season, and his visit to Hipster Heaven.

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ep.104 the Roommate Discussion

Sal's roommate Corey joins the podcast in a unique format, where it comes up that Sal talks too much smack during Madden games on the Playstation and Corey is annoyed.  they decide to talk it out, while a very good football game is going on, also Sal tells road stories from dreaded Chico.

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ep.103 w/ Joe Bartnick and Kirk Pappas

Joe Bartnick returns to the podcast and brings his number one comrade, Kirk Pappas.  Joe goes over recording his new CD, the gang remembers an old road story they experienced where a headliner walks offstage in Santa Cruz, Joe writing for the ESPYs, meeting the Manning family and Aaron Rodgers, and discussing sports tales, like having sex in front of Howie Long.

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ep.102 the Philly/Ohio Tour

in this episode Sal tells the tales from his Philadelphia, Ohio tour.  Getting heckled in Philly, getting burned by a cigarette in Philly, working with Conrad Roth and Bret Ernst, eating cheesesteaks, running Rocky steps, then off to Ohio where he visits the awesome amusement park Cedar Point, does a gig at a bar in a beach town, then works a club in Toledo and is given free lube.  all with bonus clips included!!!

song "The Groove Drove me Crazy" by Galactic Moustache

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ep.101 w/Chris Voth (LCS, Teacher, Golf)

this week i am joined by the hilarious Chris Voth.  Three times on Last Comic Standing, Chris has lived in S.F. and now resides in Colorado where he still spits jokes and is also a high school English teacher.  we discuss his LCS experiences, his fears of teaching in front of high schoolers and being called a racist by a student, and his great golf game.

song "Cargo Cult" by George Glass

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ep.100 the Dark Knight Rises

being a little geeky about Batman, Sal and comedian Joe Gorman podcast from the midnight premiere of the Dark Knight Rises.  they interview other patrons about their views on superhero films including a 12 year old, they take a poll comparing hot female villains, and Joe Gorman does a comedy set for the packed theater.  No real spoilers in this episode, but they discuss their thoughts on the new film.

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ep.99 w/Sam Davidoff (starting out, car destruction)

18 year old comedian Sam Davidoff joins the podcast.  He began spitting jokes when he was 14.  we discuss how he got into stand up so young, trouble in school, and blowing up a car!

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ep.98 SF Gay Pride 2012 !!!!!!!

another Field Trip episode, as Matt Morales and Sal travel to SF Pride 2012.  Sal has never been, and Matt's first experience at pride years ago has haunted him as he was attacked in some place named Leather Alley.  Teenyboppers, Bears, and F.Hags chime in but to Matt's chagrin, the climatic moment is when the duo rediscover the famous Leather Alley. 

song: "Everyone is Crazy but Me" by The Sam Chase

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ep.97 w/ Greg Fitzsimmons (Boston, writing, Fitzdog, Asian stats)

Great comedian Greg Fitzsimmons joins the show.  We discuss starting out in comedy in Boston, going to New York, being a writer in L.A., his podcast Fitzdog Radio, and his radio show on Sirius Howard 101, then close with Catholicism, and his amazing Guess the Asian skill.

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ep.96 w/ Kellen Erskine (encore pt., Last Comic, America's Got Talent)

this week it's a tale of Redemption.  after a few minutes of discussing hosting a competition with an encore point, the two delve into Kellen's story of camping for 2 days outside the Melrose Improv to audition for Last Comic Standing, where he gets strongly rejected, to his triumphant audition on America's Got Talent.  Inspiring.

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ep.95 On the Road w/ Reg (sunset, No.9, comedy career) pt.2

in this episode we wrap up the On the Road with Reg segment.  Reggie experiences a not so sweet sunset, they discuss truck drivers, Sal explains Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, Manny Paq, comedy as a career, auditioning, and getting a burger thrown at you at Rally's.

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ep.95 On the Road w/ Reg (gay sex, headliners, the road, open mics)

in this episode, Sal goes on the road with Reggie Steele and they just hit record.  filled with funny stories and jokes to make each other laugh, this episode includes discussions on gay sex, headliners the two have both worked with, working the road, and the true definition of an open mic.  and the most offensive thing you can probably call someone.

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ep.94 Bay to Breakers edition

this is a fun episode, Sal and Matt walk San Francisco's Bay to Breakers, get drunk, and interview a bunch of guests, including drunk women, religious nuts, naked gay men, and more drunk women.  enjoy.

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ep.93 Avengers w/ Matt Morales Part 2

the second part of the Super Hero podcast with Matt Morales.  some spoilers in this one, Matt breaks down the Avengers, talks about his obsession with the Hulk, and we talk of comics and Super hero movies to come.

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ep.93 Avengers w/ Joe Gorman Part 1

the first ever two part episode here to appease the Nerds of the world.  with the success of the Avengers movie, we discuss super heroes, super hero movies, their flaws, the awesomeness.  with comedian Joe Gorman we discuss The Villain Theory, Avengers talk, X-Men update, the New Batman, the New Spiderman, and all secret stash breaking news that Joe read online.  don't worry, no real spoilers in this one.

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ep. 92 w/ Sebastian Maniscalco (Sicilian Fam, Comedy, Food)

i sit down this week with touring headliner Sebastian Maniscalco.  Sebastian has 2 one hour specials and was featured in Vince Vaughn's Wild West Tour.  Sal discovers Sebastian's father grew up an hour away from his father on the island of Sicily, they talk about his family, Sebastian going from a waiter to a national headliner, and breaking news on Sebastian's diet.

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ep.91 Reese Waters (SF, Letterman, Sports Jokes, RG3)

Comedian Reese Waters joins the podcast.  Originally from D.C., Reese spent a couple years in SF, then started rocking stages in New York.  we discuss his Feguson and Letterman sets, his sports t.v. show where he got to interview many star athletes including Mike Tyson, and talk a little football.

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ep.90 Daryus Monday (women, tour, Warriors)

Comedian and ball busting extradoinaire, Daryus Monday joins the podcast, discussing women, his Laughing Stone tour, his time in the Bay Area black circuit, and they chop up comedy stories about guys like last week's guest Louie Katz and Sal's run in with Chris Tucker.

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ep.89 Louie Katz (Cal, SF, LA, NY, Special, Album)

Sal sits down with the Bay Area's own Louie Katz.  Louie began performing comedy in SF, went to UC Berkeley where he inspired others.  moved to L.A., made some awesome sketch videos, and now resides in New York hussling and grinding.  we discuss all that, plus the business side, and how to stand out for the industry.  last year his Comedy Central Presents debuted and his comedy album, If these Balls Could Talk.

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ep.88 w/ Robert Hawkins(Army,SF,Titus, the Road)

great comedian Robert Hawkins joins the podcast.  Robert grew up in Florida, joined the army, began doing stand up in Texas, moved to SF, then L.A., then wrote for the sitcom Titus.  we discuss all that, plus the road and meeting Brian Johnson of ACDC.

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ep.87(Heckler Battle, football bet, Food)

we open with Sal battling a room full of drunk hecklers, Angelo losing a football bet, and of course these two together, FOOD.

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ep.86 w/ Rob Cantrell (birth, D.C., breakdancing, NY)

Rob Cantrell joins the podcast.  he began his comedy career in SF, then booked the first season of Last Comic Standing, moved to L.A. and now resides in NY.  we discuss the birth of his first child, growing up in D.C., his breakdancing career, and his film Metaphysical Graffiti, and album Keep on the Grass.

opening song, "Coffee and Weed" by Rob Cantrell

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ep.85 Pops

one of the more emotional podcasts as Sal discusses the passing of his father.  Angelo chimes in about Sinatra and Whitney.

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Salvatore Calanni

May 28, 1941 - February 4, 2012

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ep.84 w/ Rob F. Martinez(L.A.,Marriage,Tattoos,Raiders)

this week Rob F. Martinez joins the podcast.  originally from San Francisco, Rob has since moved down to Los Angeles.  we discuss the transition to L.A., getting married, the tattoos he has in honor of past loves, acting in L.A., his video game podcast and almost getting beatdown by two Oakland Raiders.

his upcoming show at SF Sketchfest, at the Hemlock Tavern, 5:30pm on Saturday 1/21/12

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ep.83 (Asian Driver, Jim Shows, NYE shows)

Sobering opening as Angelo rants away his disgust, then has a road rage incident, Sal discusses his shows with Jim Jefferies and the meathead fans, and the two discuss their NYE nights, Sal was at a theater in Vacaville, Angelo was dowtown watching guys named Burr, Attell, Big Jay, Hannibal.

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ep.82 Ask a Bro w/ Sara & Annette

we start the year off right, with an episode of Ask a Bro with guests Sara and Annette.  why are guys so stupid, why do women nag, what to do on a first date?  Women cockblockers comes up, what is the criteria for a cougar?  there is a debate on the type of crazy women Sal tends to attract, as he discusses having a knife pulled out on him.  then things really heat up as they discuss dating your friend's ex, or your friend's sister.

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