Sal and Deezy vs Hollywood
Sal Calanni is a stand up comedian, actor, lactose intolerant Italian who's been podcasting since 2010. Destini Bryant is a stand up comedian, actress, and published writer. They live and battle together against that dragon named Hollywood.
ep.63 Ask a Bro

Angelo has a new podcast idea, Ask a, as multiple guests join us for our segment, giving relationship advice to women, hearing drama women have with men, and of course public masturbation stories.

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ep.62 w/ Max Curry "On the Road" in Seattle

ever wonder what it's like to be a comedian on the road?  in this two part episode, Sal and Max travel to the Pacific Northwest, Sal pisses off a bouncer, they play a gay couple at Black Angus, Rednecks swarm the club as the duo part the seas of Hillbilly Heaven to perform in Comedy Hell.

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ep.61 w/ Jim Jefferies(washing hands, the Road,Yellowbeard)6/15/11

the great Jim Jefferies joins the podcast.  Jim gets thrown out of a bar for not washing his hands, he has a big day coming up at Wrigley field, he talks influences, how he writes, and of course the film Yellowbeard.

I Just Shit out the Devil

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ep.60 w/ Tony Camin (Marijuana, Cooking, Roman Wedding)6/8/11

Sal and Angelo are joined by the great Tony Camin, lots of ball bustin', they discuss Marijuana-logues, Italian cooking, a Roman Wedding, and visiting the Old Country.

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