Spitballin' with Sal & Reggie
Comedians Sal Calanni and Reggie Steele Spitballin' on a podcast
ep.84 w/ Rob F. Martinez(L.A.,Marriage,Tattoos,Raiders)

this week Rob F. Martinez joins the podcast.  originally from San Francisco, Rob has since moved down to Los Angeles.  we discuss the transition to L.A., getting married, the tattoos he has in honor of past loves, acting in L.A., his video game podcast and almost getting beatdown by two Oakland Raiders.

his upcoming show at SF Sketchfest, at the Hemlock Tavern, 5:30pm on Saturday 1/21/12

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ep.83 (Asian Driver, Jim Shows, NYE shows)

Sobering opening as Angelo rants away his disgust, then has a road rage incident, Sal discusses his shows with Jim Jefferies and the meathead fans, and the two discuss their NYE nights, Sal was at a theater in Vacaville, Angelo was dowtown watching guys named Burr, Attell, Big Jay, Hannibal.

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ep.82 Ask a Bro w/ Sara & Annette

we start the year off right, with an episode of Ask a Bro with guests Sara and Annette.  why are guys so stupid, why do women nag, what to do on a first date?  Women cockblockers comes up, what is the criteria for a cougar?  there is a debate on the type of crazy women Sal tends to attract, as he discusses having a knife pulled out on him.  then things really heat up as they discuss dating your friend's ex, or your friend's sister.

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