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Comedians Sal Calanni and Reggie Steele Spitballin' on a podcast
ep.59 w/ John Caparulo & Jamie(sick, Mustang puke, Relationship, C-town)5/25/11

John Caparulo joins the podcast with his lovely fiancee Jamie.  we discuss being ill all week, throwing up in a Mustang Bullitt, signing boobs, dating a comedian, growing up in Ohio, getting engaged and more.

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ep.58(Sauce off Recap, Angelo vs.the Psycho, Bin Laden)5/11/11

the boys recap the Sauce Off, Sal had tummy issues, Angelo stares down the eyes of a stalking psycho who's about to kick his ass, and the two discuss the death of Bin Laden, and Sal gets his age really wrong.

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ep.57 w/ Dan Gabriel(Best Med, Hawkins Joke, Under Pressure)5/4/11

Dan Gabriel joins the podcast for one of the most heartfelt episodes as Dan joins Sal to discuss Best Medicine, the origin of a Robert Hawkins' joke, and the comedy life where they break down some emotional walls, or at least attempt to.

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