Spitballin' with Sal & Reggie
Comedians Sal Calanni and Reggie Steele Spitballin' on a podcast
ep.21(Trauma airs, Giraldo, Poker Etiquette) 4/29/10

this week the Dynamic Dago argue poker etiquette, Sal throws Angelo's phone, Angelo tells Sal to F- Off, and more hilarity ensues.

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ep.20 (Big Ben, Sal goes to Hollywood, Trivia Trouble)

this week Sal discusses his trip to Hollywood, how he screamed at some drivers early in the morning, and video game butt rubbing.  plus Angelo learns how to say Gorbachev.

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ep.19 (taxes, golf, Seagal, Rock, catering)4/15/10

Sal & Angelo take on tax season, golfing, Tecmo football, Steven Seagal, Chris Rock, and the secret life of catering.

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ep. 18 w/ Morgan ( the transition, nip & tuck, buying bait) 4/6/10

we sit down and interview Morgan, a fellow Paisan, grew up in New Jersey, was a union iron worker, then epiphany hit, had a sex change, moved to San Francisco, and is a transgender comedian.  i gotta admit, i really enjoyed this podcast, it opened my eyes a little, and anytime that can happen i am grateful.  www.morgansfunny.com

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ep.17 w/ Shawn Robbins (Movies, Movies, Movies)4/1/10

this week the Dago Duo sits down with comedian Shawn Robbins as we argue movies.  their opinions are slightly opposite, Donnie Darko, Goodfellas, Rushmore, Avatar, Citizen Kane, AntiChrist, Star Wars, and many more.  Shawn will be at Snob Theatre at the Dark Room, April 8th.

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