Spitballin' with Sal & Reggie
Comedians Sal Calanni and Reggie Steele Spitballin' on a podcast
ep.3 Pumpkin Pie vs. Sweet Potato Pie (Rereleased)

for the Holidays, we travel back in time, to 2 years ago, the third ever episode, the first ever guest, back when Angelo was happy to be on the podcast, as Sal battles Reggie on what is better, Pumpkin Pie or Sweet Potato Pie, with Angelo being the tiebreaker.

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ep.81 ( Ass, Bartending, Niners Game)

the two argue like them old muppets in the balcony this week. One returns with tales about what really happened to his ass.  he shows Sal progression pics of his ass, but now he has poison oak.  Sal bartends the blackout monday night Niners game, then watches the game in some kick ass seats next to a porn star and her producer.  Roommate Cory drops in with his Big Ben story.

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ep.80 w/ Reggie Steele(positivity, junior high blues, pro ball)

this week our guest is the great Reggie Steele, his last time on the show, way back in episode 3.  Angelo makes a quick appearance to discuss why he has been absent, Reggie talks where his positive outlook on life has come from, the trials and tribulations he has endured, the junior high blues, gets a little personal, then we switch gears discussing playing pro basketball in a little country called Latvia.

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ep.79 w/ Bret Ernst(family, fights, yomama, cooking)

fellow paisan and great comedian Bret Ernst joins the podcast, discussing growing up with his Italian family in Florida and Jersey, getting into fights, yomama jokes, starting in comedy, atheists giving him crap about his comedy special, and of course cooking, his infamous white clam sauce.

"SF Bay" by FistFam, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLrhcZDTMGY

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ep.78 w/ Michael Ian Black(stand up, McCain, Wet Hot, poker)

Michael Ian Black joins the podcast this week.  He discusses the early days of the State, how he started in stand up comedy, his comedy special, having dinner with John McCain, making out with recently crowned Sexiest Man Alive, Bradley Cooper, in Wet Hot American Summer, and playing poker.

opening song by Butt Problems


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ep.77(Sal almost fights a heckler, creepy Pop, SF Comp Drama)

Sal loses it on stage and almost fights a heckler.  it gets ugly as the Cleveland dago is fed up with the stupid hipster.  Angelo argues with his pop as he got a little creepy during Nani's funeral, and Sal finally divulges all the drama that went on with him in the SF Comedy Competition.

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ep.76 ( FAT Angelo, Raiders/Browns Suck?, Al Davis meets Angelo)

this week, Sal finds out Angelo has gained 30 lbs.  a coworker offered him a $2000 bet to lose the weight.  he doesn't know what to do.  sports come up as Angelo's Raiders got rocked by the Chiefs, and Sal goes to the 49ers game where the Browns get rocked.  Angelo's father makes a cameo, discussing his beloved Raiders and the time he and lil' Angelo met someone named Al Davis.

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ep.75 w/ John Hastings(SF Comp, Canada, SNL, BitterOffs)

this week fellow SF Comedy Competition finalist John Hastings joins the podcast, all the way from Canada.  we discuss the trenches of the competition, John use to be a fat kid, how it is performing in Canada, chime in on American politics, discuss great SNL members, and witnessing famous bitteroffs.

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ep.74 w/ A.J. Finney (trippin' balls, Irish gramps, kickin' a special child)

fellow SF Comedy Competition Finalist, A.J. Finney, joins the podcast to discuss a gummi bear addiction, his father's LSD and peyote trips, his tough Irish grandfather, and the time he kicked a retarded kid. 

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ep.73(Football jocks, Nuts shoot, Softball fights)

the boys open with some football talk as Sal rips on Angelo's Raiders.  Sal does a commercial where he gets paid to get kicked in the nuts.  Angelo almost gets his ass kicked at a softball game, and the boys share fight stories.

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ep.72(Nani's Funeral, Sal in the Competition, Suicide)

this week, the duo discuss Angelo's grandmother's funeral.  the anger caused by the lack of raviolis at the funeral.  Sal battles a sinus infection and get beat up in the SF Comedy Competition, but not yet knocked down, and Angelo's father discusses suicide, while Sal's father gives advice on suicide.  enjoy the darkness.

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ep.71 w/ Joe Nguyen (Rejection, Reviews, SF Comedy Competition)

the Sal and Angelo Podcast returns with a whole lot of rejection talk.  getting bad reviews, being called not funny, and dealing with the rough and tough San Francisco Comedy Competition.

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ep.70 (Doctor Visits, Angelo in Napa)

Sal shares his recent trip to the doctor and discusses his diagnosis with Angelo.  Angelo recalls a time he visited a doctor.  Angelo tells of his adventures in Napa, coming out like a hero.  some good ball bustin' in this one.

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ep.69 Ask a Bro(1st nite hook up, looks, cougars, kids)

comedians Kelly McCarron and Coree Spencer join Sal and Angelo for another segment of Ask a Bro.  how do they feel about hooking up on the first date, do looks matter, Angelo calls Coree a cougar to her dismay, and then they argue about liking kids.  good times.

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ep.68 (Roast at the H.S. Reunion, Sal's wknd w/ Attell & Rouse)

Angelo goes to his high school reunion, gives a little comedy roast, outdoors, in the sunlight, gets his package grabbed, Sal works with Dave Attell, gets ripped on stage by the master, and tells tales of hanging with the great Sean Rouse.

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ep.67 w/Casey Ley(comedy bum, dildo guy, break ups, porn set)8/10/11

Comedian Casey Ley joins the podcast discussing being a comedy bum without a day job, coming out in New England, seeing a guy shove a dildo in his butt in the afternoon on the street, break ups and joke telling, and of course working on the set of a porn, stabbing penises. 

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ep.66 (Sac, H.S. reunion, shitty hooptie, gambling) 8/3/11

Sacramento adventures, taking Jim Jefferies to the State Fair, Angelo's upcoming High School reunion, Sal pisses off an old high school aquaintance, piece of shit car, quid pro quo, and gambling.

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ep.65(Podfather, Gaga, Jose Canseco, Pasta Biz)

Sal and Angelo reunite after their summer breaks.  they discuss their new project, The Podfather, Lady Gaga brings Angelo's father to tears, Angelo meets Jose Canseco, he discusses going into the pasta sauce business, and of course Hawaii

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mother makes a quick return to the podcast to turn the tables on Sal.

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ep.64 my Mom 7/11/11

my mother joins me on the podcast.  we discuss pissed off baby Sal, going through divorce, kicking Sal out of the house, how the cookie crumbles and it all ends in tears.  enjoy.

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ep.63 Ask a Bro

Angelo has a new podcast idea, Ask a Bro.com, as multiple guests join us for our segment, giving relationship advice to women, hearing drama women have with men, and of course public masturbation stories.

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ep.62 w/ Max Curry "On the Road" in Seattle

ever wonder what it's like to be a comedian on the road?  in this two part episode, Sal and Max travel to the Pacific Northwest, Sal pisses off a bouncer, they play a gay couple at Black Angus, Rednecks swarm the club as the duo part the seas of Hillbilly Heaven to perform in Comedy Hell.

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ep.61 w/ Jim Jefferies(washing hands, the Road,Yellowbeard)6/15/11

the great Jim Jefferies joins the podcast.  Jim gets thrown out of a bar for not washing his hands, he has a big day coming up at Wrigley field, he talks influences, how he writes, and of course the film Yellowbeard.

I Just Shit out the Devil  http://thesamchase.bandcamp.com/track/i-just-shit-out-the-devil

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ep.60 w/ Tony Camin (Marijuana, Cooking, Roman Wedding)6/8/11

Sal and Angelo are joined by the great Tony Camin, lots of ball bustin', they discuss Marijuana-logues, Italian cooking, a Roman Wedding, and visiting the Old Country.

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ep.59 w/ John Caparulo & Jamie(sick, Mustang puke, Relationship, C-town)5/25/11

John Caparulo joins the podcast with his lovely fiancee Jamie.  we discuss being ill all week, throwing up in a Mustang Bullitt, signing boobs, dating a comedian, growing up in Ohio, getting engaged and more.

Mad Cap Hour www.zshare.net/audio/89849394b32af9c7

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ep.58(Sauce off Recap, Angelo vs.the Psycho, Bin Laden)5/11/11

the boys recap the Sauce Off, Sal had tummy issues, Angelo stares down the eyes of a stalking psycho who's about to kick his ass, and the two discuss the death of Bin Laden, and Sal gets his age really wrong.

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ep.57 w/ Dan Gabriel(Best Med, Hawkins Joke, Under Pressure)5/4/11

Dan Gabriel joins the podcast for one of the most heartfelt episodes as Dan joins Sal to discuss Best Medicine, the origin of a Robert Hawkins' joke, and the comedy life where they break down some emotional walls, or at least attempt to.

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ep.56 Live Recording the Sauce Off! 4/21/11

this is it, the live recording of the Pasta Sauce Off.  Angelo takes on two competitors, Daymon Feguson and Scott Kendig of EJ Phair.  the battle is tough, the recipes are given, the vegan gets mad.  enjoy.

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ep.55 w/ Greg Edwards(Race Relations and Women)4/19/11

funny man and good friend Greg Edwards joins the podcast, discussing race, race and more race in America.  Sal hesitates going to a multicultural party, why do fat white women roll with black dudes, Asian kids can draw, sad breakups and football, and poontang addiction.

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ep.54 w/ Leslie & Ameen(artists, inauguration, shaved arms)

Artist Leslie Winchester and Photographer Ameen Belbahri join the boys and discuss their upcoming fusion comedy show. we hear of Leslie's travels, Ameen's disappointing experience at the inauguration, Angelo is caught with shaved arms, Ameen got his nipple pinched and Leslie gets back rubs.  enjoy!


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ep.53 w/Joe Tobin(Sunny Day,Bonds,SF fans,Simpsons)

Joe Tobin joins and Sal discusses his adventures at the sunny park, they discuss the Barry Bonds trial, Joe gets his balls busted for shittin' on SF fans, the two battle over their favorite Simpsons seasons, and end with a nice little Goodfellas surprise.

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ep.52 w/ Joe Bartnick (cooking, Pittsburgh, the Situation, Lisa)

we get the whirldwind force of Joe Bartnick, fellow paisan who moved from Pittsburgh, to SF, and now lives in L.A.  an episode packed full of ball bustin' and Dagoness, the trio discuss Italian cooking, Pittsburgh, Joe at the Donald Trump roast, touring with Lampenelli and you might be a douchebag.

Joe's book, http://ebookstore.sony.com/author/joe-bartnick_204733

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one of the more personal podcasts, Angelo's special sauce, Sal gets kicked around for 24 hours, and themes for the next live show.  email us themes you suggest, salcalanni@gmail.com

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ep.50 (Live! All about Virgins)3/7/11

we sit down for our first ever live recording, the 50th episode, All about Virgins with guests, Veronica Porras, Ivan Hernandez, and O.J. Patterson

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the dago duo both got plastered recently and have stories to tell.  Angelo making out with a grandma, Sal laying on a floor.  Sal deals with hecklers in Oregon, then has the gayest weekend ever!

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the duo discusses bad dreams they have had, what happened with last week's podcast, Angelo's adventure with his new beard, Deep Throat, and Super Bowl parties.

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Joe Nguyen co-hosts as the two roomies share a good day, break a bong, get a manicure and talk about that ol' thing religion.

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Angelo's father finally stops in and we discuss him and Angelo's recent arguments, escaping the Cult, the old country, and goals of the future.

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