Spitballin' with Sal & Reggie
Comedians Sal Calanni and Reggie Steele Spitballin' on a podcast

Joe Nguyen joins me, we talk being roommates, Joe teaches Sal about Judaism, Sal goes shopping, and the Korean lady staring at Brack people.

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we get to sit down with one of the best, Bill Burr.  talking football, his hour special, Lebron, Bill's upcoming pilot, paparazzi, how Bill writes.  enjoy the show.

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Sal and Angelo discuss what they will do for thanksgiving, Angelo gets shit for sounding like another comic, Angelo has the great idea of Bar Talk, and Sal shits all over it, and then the boys discuss how Angelo got in a fight over alligator boots.

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Daymon Ferguson shares his very uncomfortable adventure.

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the duo talk World Series, Angelo gets shit on, Sal wears salami, and the political minds collide for election 2010

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the boys reunite and share some angry outburts, Sal road stories from Ohio, and the suit with stinky breath.

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our guest this week is Scotty Fell.  ya ever go through a break up?  well listen to this shit.

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Greg Giraldo Tribute

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ep.35 (bball, gambling, Gavin Newsom, Shit story)

Sal drinks too much, Angelo gambles too much, Gavin Newsom sucks, great shit story.

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Sal and Angelo hang in a library, yes, Angelo gets in a library.  they discuss Mort Sahl, the hot reporter drama in NY, Angelo's dad goes to Christian camp, and Sal argues with people over 9/11 and the future.

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ep.33 (Grandparents, Norm, Fantasy Football Party, Fighting Ignorance) 9/9/10

Kinky Grandparents, hanging with Norm and Farley, drunken, laying in the lawn Fantasy Football Party, fighting ignorance

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ep.32(hooligans, virgin feedback, loitering, hippyfest, sushi, Confusion) 8/20/10

Angelo gets caught lying about hooligans, we discuss last weeks virgin feedback, Sal loiters, goes to a yoga fest, Angelo bitches about sushi, and deep deep confusion.

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ep.31 w/ Veronica Porras (31st episode with a 31 year old virgin)8/12/10

the 31st episode the paisans interview Veronica Porras, Latina, comedian, oh yea, and a 31 year old virgin.  how is it possible an attractive Latina is a virgin?  we had to know.  what's the history, what's the present, who's the guy in the future?  and what the heck are the 4 bases when you talk about sex?

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ep.30 w/ Doug Benson (early Doug, prop.19, Marijuana-logues, angry Canadians) 7/29/10

Sal & Angelo Podcast turns 30, and to celebrate our guest is the hilarious Doug Benson.  Doug discusses his early career, his first real encounter with weed, prop. 19, the origin of the Marijuana-logues, and he answers your questions.

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ep.29 (Shattered Competition, Boozing Father, Gay Video Shoot)7/22/10

the boys discuss Sal getting shattered at a comedy competition, Angelo's boozing father is on the move again, Sal gets a bunch of comics to do some really gay stuff on camera, and the two argue about asking dumb questions.

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ep.28 (LBJ, Mel Mel Mel, Trader Joe's potty, Star Wars Party) 7/15/10

this week Sal and Angelo discuss Sal's broken heart from LBJ, the crazy Mel Gibson rants, Angelo see a woman take a dump in front of Trader Joe's, Angelo almost gets into a fight at a SOFTBALL game, and the geekiest 40 year old birthday party ever!

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ep.27(Kentucky, $6 toll, Suicide, Ali Mafi, Percentages, LBJ)7/8/10

the paisans return, after being out of town and both falling ill.  Sal discusses his trip to Kentucky, a gas tank bong, Angelo and Sal argue the new rules for the Bay Bridge tolls, Suicide of course, Ali Mafi drops in for a few minutes, Sal and Angelo attempt percentages, and of course Lebron James Eve.

enjoy, email us your thoughts, salcalanni@gmail.com

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ep.26 (Game 7, Violence, Insecure Comics, Chasing a Dream)6/17/10

Sal and Angelo return, they discuss Game 7 of the NBA Finals, Sal saw a sperm tattoo, Violence in the news, White Cop, Black Woman, South African family fighting over the game, insecure bitch ass comics, and their suttle side is shone when Angelo looks to Sal for advice about chasing the dream.

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ep.25 (Last Week's Debacle, Family Drama, Wedding Invites, the Recital)6/4/10

The Duo discusses last week's debacle without Burr, Angelo takes his drunk Dad golfing, Sal's Dad falls into a pond, no one invites Angelo to weddings, and the dreaded Recital.

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ep.24 DISASTER STRIKES 5/27/10




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ep. 23 (Antioch, i'm not Racist BUT, bye bye Lebron) 5/20/10

opening with Shit List, the duo discuss their adventure in a tent in Antioch, Sal meets Angelo's jolly father, we discuss the on the fence racist, and well, bye bye Lebron.

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ep.22 w/ Matt Morales(Perfect Game, Horse Track, Heckler Stories)5/13/10

after some technical difficulties, the podcast returns with guest Matt Morales.  Angelo witnessed live the Perfect Game, Cleveland sports sucks, Matt goes to the horse track, and each comedian discusses certain hecklers they delt with over the weekend, Sal and some bad grammar speaking women, Matt at the Punch, and Angelo's Uncle.

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ep.21(Trauma airs, Giraldo, Poker Etiquette) 4/29/10

this week the Dynamic Dago argue poker etiquette, Sal throws Angelo's phone, Angelo tells Sal to F- Off, and more hilarity ensues.

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ep.20 (Big Ben, Sal goes to Hollywood, Trivia Trouble)

this week Sal discusses his trip to Hollywood, how he screamed at some drivers early in the morning, and video game butt rubbing.  plus Angelo learns how to say Gorbachev.

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ep.19 (taxes, golf, Seagal, Rock, catering)4/15/10

Sal & Angelo take on tax season, golfing, Tecmo football, Steven Seagal, Chris Rock, and the secret life of catering.

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ep. 18 w/ Morgan ( the transition, nip & tuck, buying bait) 4/6/10

we sit down and interview Morgan, a fellow Paisan, grew up in New Jersey, was a union iron worker, then epiphany hit, had a sex change, moved to San Francisco, and is a transgender comedian.  i gotta admit, i really enjoyed this podcast, it opened my eyes a little, and anytime that can happen i am grateful.  www.morgansfunny.com

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ep.17 w/ Shawn Robbins (Movies, Movies, Movies)4/1/10

this week the Dago Duo sits down with comedian Shawn Robbins as we argue movies.  their opinions are slightly opposite, Donnie Darko, Goodfellas, Rushmore, Avatar, Citizen Kane, AntiChrist, Star Wars, and many more.  Shawn will be at Snob Theatre at the Dark Room, April 8th.

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ep.16 The Review Episode 3/25/10

Unique episode this week, half the length, as Sal discusses his first comedy album review.  let 'er rip.  please let us know what you think, we're curious.

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ep.15 (Hippy Heckler, Ang's Cousin, 4.20, St. Paddy's Day) 3/18/10

our heroes discuss Sal's encounter with a hippy heckler, Angelo's cousin is going through a sprouting stage with the boys, the herb comes up man, and a bunch of other stuff.

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ep.14 (Dave, Smallscreen News, Almonds, Bus Degenerates) 3/11/10

Dave Chappelle dropped in at the club this week, Sal reveals his BIG smallscreen news, Angelo argues on how to pronounce almonds, and we come up with a public transportation solution.

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ep.13 w/ Al Madrigal (DS40, this can happen, Acting & Michael Strahan, the Sicilian Collector, husslin') 3/4/10

this week we talk with headliner Al Madrigal, an SF native from the "good" Tonight Show, Gary Unmarried, Comedy Central Presents and lots more.  we talk about that "This Can Happen Moment", auditioning with Michael Strahan, Al's Sicilian ancestors of SF and much more. 

Al's giving away free tix to his show at the SF Punch Line Friday night 10pm, email me if you want to go.  and check out www.almadrigal.com

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ep.12 (Ham, Dad, Sacramento, Food Inc.) 2/25/10

our dago heroes throw back some whiskey this week and discuss a ham, Angelo's dad returns, Sacramento hecklers, Angelo raised a pig, and Sal got yam in his eye.  yup. yam.

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ep.11(backstabbed, closeted gay, John Mayer, Valentines) 2/18/10

ep.11(backstabbed, closeted gay, John Mayer, Valentines) 2/18/10

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ep.10 (no veggie guest, Super Bowl parties, other podcasts) 2/10/10

ep.10 (no veggie guest, Super Bowl parties, other podcasts) 2/10/10

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ep. 9 (auditions, Obama farts, cooking w/ 2 angry Italians)1/28/10

ep. 9 (auditions, Obama farts, cooking w/ 2 angry Italians)1/28/10

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ep.7 w/ Ali Mafi (Haiti, bjs, Sal vs. Ali, Team Famous, gay Muslim) 1/14/09

ep.7 w/ Ali Mafi (Haiti, bjs, Sal vs. Ali, Team Famous, gay Muslim) 1/14/09

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Sal & Angelo ep.1(Road Rage, The Hacks, Idaho, Getting Pinched, Browns vs. Raiders)11/12/09
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