Spitballin' with Sal & Reggie
Comedians Sal Calanni and Reggie Steele Spitballin' on a podcast
ep.70 (Doctor Visits, Angelo in Napa)

Sal shares his recent trip to the doctor and discusses his diagnosis with Angelo.  Angelo recalls a time he visited a doctor.  Angelo tells of his adventures in Napa, coming out like a hero.  some good ball bustin' in this one.

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ep.69 Ask a Bro(1st nite hook up, looks, cougars, kids)

comedians Kelly McCarron and Coree Spencer join Sal and Angelo for another segment of Ask a Bro.  how do they feel about hooking up on the first date, do looks matter, Angelo calls Coree a cougar to her dismay, and then they argue about liking kids.  good times.

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ep.68 (Roast at the H.S. Reunion, Sal's wknd w/ Attell & Rouse)

Angelo goes to his high school reunion, gives a little comedy roast, outdoors, in the sunlight, gets his package grabbed, Sal works with Dave Attell, gets ripped on stage by the master, and tells tales of hanging with the great Sean Rouse.

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ep.67 w/Casey Ley(comedy bum, dildo guy, break ups, porn set)8/10/11

Comedian Casey Ley joins the podcast discussing being a comedy bum without a day job, coming out in New England, seeing a guy shove a dildo in his butt in the afternoon on the street, break ups and joke telling, and of course working on the set of a porn, stabbing penises. 

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ep.66 (Sac, H.S. reunion, shitty hooptie, gambling) 8/3/11

Sacramento adventures, taking Jim Jefferies to the State Fair, Angelo's upcoming High School reunion, Sal pisses off an old high school aquaintance, piece of shit car, quid pro quo, and gambling.

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