Spitballin' with Sal & Reggie
Comedians Sal Calanni and Reggie Steele Spitballin' on a podcast
ep.159 (Best Pick Up Line, Black Crowes, Craft Fair)

Sal discusses the best pick up line ever, his adventures at the Black Crowes concert, and being suffocated at a craft fair looking for Christmas gifts.

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ep.158 On the Road w/ Stu Kosh

Sal and Stu go on the road to northern California's remote retired hippy town Cotati.  They talk police, sandal repair, performing in Cotati, and newer comics.

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ep.157 Corey's Stories (Football Concussions and Being a Hero)

Corey's Stories returns, as Sal and Corey discuss football stories, getting concussions, Sal vs. 6'2" sixth grader, and then Corey discusses defending a bullied fellow red head on a Bart train.

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ep.156 (Thanksgiving, Bball Characters, da Browns)

Sal discusses his Thanksgiving, with all the fixins', some characters he encounters on the basketball court, and the depressing state of affairs with the Cleveland Browns.  Oh, and a great Matt Morales impression.

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ep.155 (Deplorable, Thanksgiving Trivia, Cronuts)

In this week's podcast, Sal discusses doing an awesome comedy benefit for a spinal cause, where he does something quite deplorable but it was funny, so is it ok?  also, some Thanksgiving trivia questions for y'all to play along around the dinner table, and his first experience with the newly discovered, cronuts.

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ep.154 (dentist,football,Sacramento)

Sal discusses customer service drama in making a denstist appointment, the atmosphere watching football in bars, awesome shows in Sunnyvale and Sacramento, and what happens when you wear a Go Hard t-shirt in the front row.

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ep.153 w/ Stu Kosh pt.2 (Iraq War)

Part two of the Stu Kosh interview, Stu heads to Iraq and serves in the Ibrahim Bin Ali region of Iraq from 2007-2008.  He discusses preparing yourself for war, surviving a rocket attack, carrying out confusing patrols, taking a prisoner on his own, dismantling IED's, and how he was affected after returning home.

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ep.152 w/ Stu Kosh pt.1 (bullied, homeless, Army)

Comedian and Iraq War Vet Stu Kosh joins the podcast.  He discusses his upbringing, getting kicked out of schools, getting beaten up and bullied, being homeless, living in Israel, joining the Army.

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ep.151 Sal Goes to Kentucky

Sal goes to IN,KY,& OH for a short football vacation.  He takes a shitty flight, watches 3 games in 2 days, tailgates for 7 hours, and gets called a butt pirate. 

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ep.150 w/ OJ Patterson (jokes,blogs,sports)

This week I sit down with comedian, OJ Patterson.  We discuss stand up, his popular blog Courting Comedy, sports, the cocktease of comedy, and being named after O.J. Simpson.  courtingcomedy.com

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ep.149 w/Greg Asdourian (theatre, Evil Dead)

This week I sit down with Greg Asdourian, stage actor turned comedian, we disuss his theatre training, working on Evil Dead, and being a starving artist with a successful girlfriend.

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ep.148 (Breaking Bad finale, Sopranos theory, Utah)

Sal discusses his take on the Breaking Bad finale, a theory he heard on the Sopranos finale, and his trip to Utah where booze is limited but white people are not.

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ep.147 w/ Jasper Redd (Epiphany, SF, Tecmo Bowl)

Comedian Jasper Redd joins the podcast.  From an epiphany from a jail cell in Knoxville, Tennessee to a rising star in San Francisco, and eventually landing in L.A., Jasper shares his journey thus far.  We discuss Sal and Jasper's love for Tecmo Bowl, the half hour comedy special with the cowboy hat, getting uninspired, Frankenhood, writing, and an hour special.

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ep.146 (Breaking Bad, Big Audition, Buying Drugs)

Sal is obsessed with the final episodes of Breaking Bad and shares his take on it, especially last night's episode.  He has a big audition today, and discusses the different approaches to purchasing drugs.  White Snoop.

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ep.145 w/Laurie Kilmartin (NY, Conan, Sh*tty Mom)

Laurie Kilmartin joins the podcast.  We discuss hustling in New York, performing at Guantanomo Bay, being a finalist on Last Comic Standing, writing for Conan, and her NY Times Best Selling book, Sh*tty Mom.

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ep.144 (joke thieves, heckler, gay dudes)

Sal is unhappy with his new microphone.  He discusses joke thieves, dealing with this annoying thuggish heckler, and hanging out with gay dudes.

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ep.143 w/ Joe Bartnick, Kirk Pappas, Al Gonzales

From the rooftops of San Francisco, Joe Bartnick returns for his third time on the podcast and the ball busting is coming with him. Great stories like having sex in a zoo, Angelo's Revenge, Rocky memories and Sopranos quotes, Salami and Crack, and the Popcorn story.

check out Joe at the SF Punch Line all week and Cobb's next week

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ep.142 Jason Downs (Acting, Michael McDonald, Album)

Jason Downs joins the podcast, he is recording his first comedy album this Wed. and Thurs. Aug21&22 at the SF Punch Line.  We discuss starting in comedy, transitioning to L.A., acting, working with Michael McDonald, stalking celebrities, and throwing Christmas trees off balconies.

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ep.141 (Karaoke, the Art of Busting Balls)

Sal rambles about his headlining shows over the weekend, karaoke and racism, the art of busting balls, and plays some clips dealing with the audience.

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ep.140 Superman's Birthday Spectacular Live!

Joe Gorman, fellow comedian and comic book connoisseur, joins Sal at the Cartoon Art Museum for the Superman 75th Anniversary Celebration.  A whirlwind of guests join the show including Nicky Wheeler Nicholson whose grandfather started D.C. Comics, comic book writer Trina Robbins, the owner of Mission Comics and Art, Leef Smith, also on the show Joe Wos from the Toonseum in Pittsburgh, Summerly and Michael Cappozola of the Cartoon Art Museum, Danny Dechi and of course "hot girl in the tights" who likes comic books, fellow blogger, Olivia.

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ep.139 w/Robert Duchaine (PDX, Vegas, Slayton)

Robert Duchaine joins the podcast and tells us his story, going from a professional baker to a professional comedian, from Portland to SF to LA, working with Bobby Slayton in Vegas and his acting career. 


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ep.138 w/ Kris Tinkle (breakups, Street Justice)

This week I sit down with comedian Kris Tinkle, orginally from California now in New York.  We discuss that transition, going through a break up "like a warrior", working together with Dave Attell, and comedian Christian Reyes drops in and talks Street Justice.

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Ep. 137 w/Greg Edwards (Africa,Thug Notes)

Good friend Greg Edwards returns to the podcast.  The duo discuss how a comedian can say what he says even with a girlfriend, going to Africa, and the new hit web series Thug Notes that he is starring in, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IntI62LWSJA

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ep.136 w/ Matt Morales (Who the Eff, Late Late Show)

Matt Morales joins the podcast to discuss his national tv debut on the Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson.

the Set, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1PxE_tM6Sgw

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ep. 135 (Family, Philly, Flacco)

Sal talks about hanging back home with his family, driving across Pennsylvania with his mother, and his trip to Philly, working with Bert Kreischer, Doug Benson, and meeting Joe Flacco.

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ep.134 On the Road, Sal & Joey (The Wedding, the Other Side)

Sal and his cousin Joey discuss the amazing Italian wedding they attended, and then get philosphical with their take on God.

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ep.133 On the Road (L.A., Volleyball, Homeless)

in this episode Sal is on the road coming back from L.A.  He talks ups and downs, positives and negatives, volleyball and vindictive homeless.

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ep.132 Corey's Stories (Dogs and Pranks)

Corey's Stories returns as the two discuss the responsibility of having a puppy, then they go into pulling pranks as kids, as Sal tricked some old neighbors and Corey's sister tortured him.

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ep.131(dog sitting, shitty audition, Comics Outside the Club)

Sal discusses his trip to the planetarium, dog sitting a pug, going to and coming back from a shitty audition, and a new segment, Comics Outside the Club discussing if there is no such thing as a horrible blowjob

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ep.130 (Star Trek, Pandas, B2B)

Sal fights cabin fever as he discusses the new Star Trek film, watching a lot of Planet Earth and participating in Bay to Breakers.

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ep.129 (Charles Ramsey, Prom, P.O. moment)

This week Sal discusses the drama in his hometown of Cleveland, Oh, the hero Charles Ramsey, a story about getting rejected for prom and a pissed off moment with a coffee shop.

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ep.128 Will Rood Professional Wrestler

this week i sit down with local professional wrestler Will Rood.  We discuss how Will got into the business of wrestling, growing up in East Palo Alto, getting in fights, wrestling for WWE, and even dealing with a crazy racist fan.

May 17, check him out, allprowrestling.com

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Empire Strikes Back commentary w/Max Curry

due to the popularity of our Star Wars commentary, here is our Empire Strikes Back commentary, set to real time with the movie so you can play the podcast while watching the film.  we are watching the special edition dvd version.  great issues are discussed, like how does Vader know who blew up the Death Star, is Boba Fett overrated, who gets more poontang, Han Solo or Cpt. Kirk, and how does Chewbacca deal with dingleberries?

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ep.126 Corey's Stories

this week we introduce Corey's Stories, where Sal's roommate Corey tells some funny tales, this week he discusses his first and only day as an iron worker, and another tale of a college prank.

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ep.125 w/ Grant Lyon

Grant Lyon joins the podcast, discusses a pretentious actor, his SF Screening he did with Sal, his family, UC Santa Cruz and now living in L.A.

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ep.124 Rasslin' w/ Joe Tobin

Sal and Joe Tobin go to a professional wrestling match and have the time of their life!

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ep.123 (Mick Foley, John Pinette, Respect)

this episode Sal discusses opening for Wrestling Legend Mick Foley, getting chewed out by John Pinette, and Respect in the comedy game.

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ep.122 w/ Kevin Avery (SF, LA, Thugs, Chris Rock)

This was a fun interview as Kevin Avery joins the podcast and we discuss his comedy beginnings in SF, struggling in LA, his film Thugs the Musical, having Chris Rock for a boss, and being the head writer for FX's show, Totally Bias with W. Kamau Bell

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ep.121 w/ David Kleinberg (One Man's Journey Sex Addiction)

I sit down with David Kleinberg, creator of the one man show, The Voice:One Man's Journey into Sex Addiction and Recovery.  They discuss the addiction, the habits, how it affected his life and marriage, and his recovery process.

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ep.120 (gym, dog, hypocrite)

Sal discusses seeing constant d-bags at the gym, taking care of a white boxer for 10 days, and being caught being a total hypocrite.  enjoy.

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ep.119 Star Wars A New Hope Commentary

Daryus Monday joins the podcast as the two watch and discuss the original Star Wars.  Daryus, a fan of the new trilogy, argues with Sal, a fan of the original trilogy.  They discuss the differences, the characters, the making of the original, little bits of trivia, Han shooting first, a Sith academy, being gangster, and even the discussion of smacking a girl's ass.

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ep.118 MacWorld 2013

another Field Trip episode, Matt and Sal go to MacWorld 2013 and mingle with nerds.  A short but sweet episode chalked full of the latest apps and accessories in the IT world.

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ep.117 (haters, Cincy, outlaw)

Sal discusses dealing with negativity, his time in Cincinnati, and his outlaw ways.

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ep.116 (Xmas, Auditions, Rasslin')

Sal discusses his Cleveland Xmas gifts, his rollercoaster of acting auditions, his Rasslin' days in Cleveland, and Django.

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