Spitballin' with Sal & Reggie
Comedians Sal Calanni and Reggie Steele Spitballin' on a podcast
ep.131(dog sitting, shitty audition, Comics Outside the Club)

Sal discusses his trip to the planetarium, dog sitting a pug, going to and coming back from a shitty audition, and a new segment, Comics Outside the Club discussing if there is no such thing as a horrible blowjob

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ep.130 (Star Trek, Pandas, B2B)

Sal fights cabin fever as he discusses the new Star Trek film, watching a lot of Planet Earth and participating in Bay to Breakers.

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ep.129 (Charles Ramsey, Prom, P.O. moment)

This week Sal discusses the drama in his hometown of Cleveland, Oh, the hero Charles Ramsey, a story about getting rejected for prom and a pissed off moment with a coffee shop.

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ep.128 Will Rood Professional Wrestler

this week i sit down with local professional wrestler Will Rood.  We discuss how Will got into the business of wrestling, growing up in East Palo Alto, getting in fights, wrestling for WWE, and even dealing with a crazy racist fan.

May 17, check him out, allprowrestling.com

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Empire Strikes Back commentary w/Max Curry

due to the popularity of our Star Wars commentary, here is our Empire Strikes Back commentary, set to real time with the movie so you can play the podcast while watching the film.  we are watching the special edition dvd version.  great issues are discussed, like how does Vader know who blew up the Death Star, is Boba Fett overrated, who gets more poontang, Han Solo or Cpt. Kirk, and how does Chewbacca deal with dingleberries?

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