Sal and Deezy vs Hollywood (podcasts)
Sal Calanni is a stand up comedian, actor, lactose intolerant Italian who's been podcasting since 2010. Destini Bryant is a stand up comedian, actress, and published writer. They live and battle together against that dragon named Hollywood.

Daymon Ferguson shares his very uncomfortable adventure.

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our guest this week is Scotty Fell.  ya ever go through a break up?  well listen to this shit.

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Greg Giraldo Tribute

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ep.35 (bball, gambling, Gavin Newsom, Shit story)

Sal drinks too much, Angelo gambles too much, Gavin Newsom sucks, great shit story.

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Sal and Angelo hang in a library, yes, Angelo gets in a library.  they discuss Mort Sahl, the hot reporter drama in NY, Angelo's dad goes to Christian camp, and Sal argues with people over 9/11 and the future.

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ep.33 (Grandparents, Norm, Fantasy Football Party, Fighting Ignorance) 9/9/10

Kinky Grandparents, hanging with Norm and Farley, drunken, laying in the lawn Fantasy Football Party, fighting ignorance

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ep.32(hooligans, virgin feedback, loitering, hippyfest, sushi, Confusion) 8/20/10

Angelo gets caught lying about hooligans, we discuss last weeks virgin feedback, Sal loiters, goes to a yoga fest, Angelo bitches about sushi, and deep deep confusion.

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ep.31 w/ Veronica Porras (31st episode with a 31 year old virgin)8/12/10

the 31st episode the paisans interview Veronica Porras, Latina, comedian, oh yea, and a 31 year old virgin.  how is it possible an attractive Latina is a virgin?  we had to know.  what's the history, what's the present, who's the guy in the future?  and what the heck are the 4 bases when you talk about sex?

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ep.30 w/ Doug Benson (early Doug, prop.19, Marijuana-logues, angry Canadians) 7/29/10

Sal & Angelo Podcast turns 30, and to celebrate our guest is the hilarious Doug Benson.  Doug discusses his early career, his first real encounter with weed, prop. 19, the origin of the Marijuana-logues, and he answers your questions.

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ep.29 (Shattered Competition, Boozing Father, Gay Video Shoot)7/22/10

the boys discuss Sal getting shattered at a comedy competition, Angelo's boozing father is on the move again, Sal gets a bunch of comics to do some really gay stuff on camera, and the two argue about asking dumb questions.

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