Who the Eff is Sal Calanni?
Sal Calanni is a stand up comedian, actor, writer, lactose intolerant Italian who enjoys interviewing other performers, (comics, actors, even wrestlers). He performs live podcast shows, takes field trips and sometimes just rants about his week, news, sports, or whatever else he needs to work out of his mind.

our dago heroes throw back some whiskey this week and discuss a ham, Angelo's dad returns, Sacramento hecklers, Angelo raised a pig, and Sal got yam in his eye.  yup. yam.

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ep.11(backstabbed, closeted gay, John Mayer, Valentines) 2/18/10

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ep.10 (no veggie guest, Super Bowl parties, other podcasts) 2/10/10

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ep. 9 (auditions, Obama farts, cooking w/ 2 angry Italians)1/28/10

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ep.7 w/ Ali Mafi (Haiti, bjs, Sal vs. Ali, Team Famous, gay Muslim) 1/14/09

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