Sal and Deezy vs Hollywood
Sal Calanni is a stand up comedian, actor, lactose intolerant Italian who's been podcasting since 2010. Destini Bryant is a stand up comedian, actress, and published writer. They live and battle together against that dragon named Hollywood.
ep.115 w/ Damian (Bane, Rocky, Parties, Boxing)

Sal sits down with an old friend he's known since high school.  They discuss Bane and Batman, their love for the Rocky films, old times with girls, parties, fights and when they were boxers.

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ep.114 (guns, lasik, game of thrones)

Sal reacts to the latest shooting, moves on to lighter material as he talks about getting his eyes lasered, then discusses all this hub bub about Game of Thrones

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ep.113 Relationship advice w/ Bret Ernst

This week Sal sits down with comedian Bret Ernst and asks for some relationship advice.  All things are covered, from learning when not to snap, insecurity, making a girl into a wife, cheating, and we end with some great football stories.

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ep.112 w/ Kevin Camia

Sal sits down with great San Francisco comedian Kevin Camia, they discuss his beginnings in stand up, going to banjo camp, the two cardinal sins when recording an album, the 49ers, and Kevin makes an exclusive announcement on the podcast.

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ep.111 (1yr old party, Moose Lodge, slurs)

Sal gets his voice back and returns with the podcast.  He discusses attending a 1 year old's birthday party, then doing a show at a conservative Moose Lodge, and then ends with a discussion of racial slurs and Italians losing WOP.

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ep.110 w/ Sammy Obeid

Sal sits down with Sammy Obeid, they discuss graduating from Berkeley, how he got into stand up, The Streak, and performing on America's Got Talent.

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ep.109 Sal the Racist

here it is, Sal does a show over the weekend, and some overly PC liberals get offended, the term racist and homophobe are thrown around, and a fight feels like it should break out after the Professor walks on to the stage and challenges the Comedian.  enjoy!

pic by jason mitchell

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ep.108 (Highway to Heaven, Debate, Hipsters)

this week Sal discusses crying over an episode of Highway to Heaven, the second Presidential debate, Romney vs. Obama, and the annoyance with hipsters.

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ep.107 On the Road, through the night

Sal travels to Oregon for two gigs then drives through the night to make a commercial shoot and boy is the punch drunkiness thick.  He discusses 90's one hit wonders, his adventures in Oregon, the crazy religious channel, and falling off a treadmill.

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ep.106 (GreenDay, Potclub, Shitfits, Fwomp)

in this jam packed episode, Sal makes up for missing last week with his views on the Bille Joe of Green Day outburst, his first show at a cannabis club where the audience was made up of stoners and reptiles, his tales from the road in Sunnyvale where he learns about Shitfits, and he tells the tale of Fwomp.

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