Sal and Deezy vs Hollywood
Sal Calanni is a stand up comedian, actor, lactose intolerant Italian who's been podcasting since 2010. Destini Bryant is a stand up comedian, actress, and published writer. They live and battle together against that dragon named Hollywood.
ep.102 the Philly/Ohio Tour

in this episode Sal tells the tales from his Philadelphia, Ohio tour.  Getting heckled in Philly, getting burned by a cigarette in Philly, working with Conrad Roth and Bret Ernst, eating cheesesteaks, running Rocky steps, then off to Ohio where he visits the awesome amusement park Cedar Point, does a gig at a bar in a beach town, then works a club in Toledo and is given free lube.  all with bonus clips included!!!

song "The Groove Drove me Crazy" by Galactic Moustache

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