Who the Eff is Sal Calanni?
Sal Calanni is a stand up comedian, actor, writer, lactose intolerant Italian who enjoys interviewing other performers, (comics, actors, even wrestlers). He performs live podcast shows, takes field trips and sometimes just rants about his week, news, sports, or whatever else he needs to work out of his mind.
ep.82 Ask a Bro w/ Sara & Annette

we start the year off right, with an episode of Ask a Bro with guests Sara and Annette.  why are guys so stupid, why do women nag, what to do on a first date?  Women cockblockers comes up, what is the criteria for a cougar?  there is a debate on the type of crazy women Sal tends to attract, as he discusses having a knife pulled out on him.  then things really heat up as they discuss dating your friend's ex, or your friend's sister.

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